Information for Home Buyers in Greenville, SC

I'm so excited for you and look forward to helping you make one of the biggest decisions in your life a reality. You have chosen a wonderful area to buy in and a great time to do so.  

What should you, the Buyer, be focusing on?

  1. Choosing the right real estate professional - As your buyer representative, professionalism, honesty, integrity, communication, and respect are my promises to you and making your experience relaxing and fun is the goal!  I will work diligently to find the perfect home to fit your every need.
  2. Making contact with a lender to get pre-approved - This will allow us to focus on a particular price range of homes.  In addition, many sellers require a Pre-Approval Letter from your lending institution to be included with an offer.  If you do not currently have a lender in mind, please let me know and I can refer several names to you.
  3. What your long term goals are concerning this home - Is this a short term residence until you are able to save for your dream home?  Will this be your forever home?  Or, are you looking for a home that you can live in for a period of time, then turn into investment property?  
  4. Making out a wish list - price point, square footage, one or two story, number of bedrooms/baths, neighborhood or home with land?, area, etc.

Five Reasons to Buy Your Home With a REALTOR®

  1. Get access to all the listings.
  2. Know all the facts on properties you're interested in.
  3. Negotiate with the help of a real estate professional.
  4. Finance your home faster.
  5. Make a solid investment that pays off down the road.

New homes for sale hit the market daily. As your representative, I'll be in regular contact with you, sellers, and other real estate agents to ensure you see all the newest listings right away.  As you compare the various listings, I'll provide you with important information about the home, its neighborhood, possible zoning issues, utilities, etc.  

Many real estate transactions include an extensive negotiating process, and as your Buyer's Agent, it will be my job to represent you and get the best deal possible. I'll also attend property inspections, make sure any and all agreed-on repair work is carried out, and handle paperwork related to the sale. 

Working with a dedicated agent on your home purchase will save you time, and add professional assurance to every step of the process. 

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